To some, strategic planning is something that is executed once a year, usually resulting in a dry, boring report. When it comes to marketing however, strategic planning needs to be a constant ongoing effort. Why? Consider these advantages:

  • Strategic Planning allows for an increased focus on, and coordinated action toward, competitive strategies.
  • Strategic planning eliminates wasted time and ensures there are benchmarks for the control process.
  • Being able to plan ahead allows for budgets to be firmly set and available funds managed more efficiently

The strategic planning process offers a unique opportunity for brainstorming and discussion that can spark some truly innovative marketing ideas.



We’ll take a long, hard look at your current marketing strategies to better understand where you’re at right now.


We take the time to listen to our clients, to discover what their company and their brand is really all about; and how they hope to move forward.


We’ll put together cohesive proposals and recommendations for future action based on our research; research into your company, your target market and your brand’s long term goals.


We’ll help you put your new strategic marketing plan into action and ensure that everyone is ‘on the same page’.


Nowadays, there is not just one way to promote your business. We’ll ensure that all of the elements in your marketing plan fit together seamlessly.


To some, reports are simply ‘dry’ and boring. But ours are Comprehensive and Exciting – and will help to make sure that you stay in-the-loop every step of the way.

Why Brands Choose Us

Increase Revenue

Great marketing convinces customers that their lives would be even better by making your product or service a part of it.  Make sure your next marketing effort is communicating the right message to the right people.

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Attract Customers

Reach new & existing customers through a variety of innovative marketing methods. Why struggle to do it all yourself – when our proven experience and diligent customer-centric team can handle it all?

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Generate Leads

Fill your sales funnel to the brim with eager, ready-to-act prospects that are waiting to hear from you – great advertising can go viral and get potential customers to reach out to you in ways you never anticipated.

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One of the questions we get asked a lot is “Why Now What? Studio? How did you come up with that name?

The answer is easy. Because as a team – and as individuals – we thrive on the ‘Now What?’ Moments that every business faces at some point as they try to market themselves to the world.

What is a ‘Now What? Moment’? It’s the screeching halt that brings all your business marketing efforts to an excruciatingly sudden stop. It’s the impenetrable marketing wall that extinguishes dreams, stifles creativity and freezes all forward movement.

And we love meeting clients who are in the middle of one, because the ‘Now What?’ Moment is the ground-level, heavy-lifting we live for. It’s a place of renewed vision and endless potential. It’s the place we love to work in order to move people –and their businesses – forward to the place they really want to be.

We respect your budgets and your financials. That’s why we only recommend strategies and activities that will help generate the highest return from every single dollar you spend. In this economy, nothing less will do.

Your customer is the centerpiece of your business. If you can’t get into their head – and grab their attention – you’re out of business. We help you understand how your customers think and what motivates them to buy.

Competition can be fierce. You know how challenging it can be to grow your business in the face of constant threats in the marketplace. We help you succeed with a solid strategy for more efficient sales and awareness activities.

Developing a successful Brand is difficult. And knowing everything you need to know to get more customers to buy more often, is even more so. Our Integrated Marketing Team is dedicated to your success and helping you cross any obstacle in your path.

At Now What? Studio, we believe in delivering work that measurably impacts your bottom-line. Why does that matter? Because it’s in your Best Interests. Quite simply, we give you everything you need to Stay Focused and Succeed in your business!

Knowledge is Power. We back up every recommendation with solid research and documentation so that you understand every move. You also get awesome reports on all marketing activity and valuable information on your industry and your competition.

Reach Out, Move Forward